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We evolve businesses and brands through innovative marketing. We let you experience the possibilities where technology and design unite. We help brands fulfil that need and make them truly matter to people.

Social Media

We are social media specialists and we are here for a purpose. We are your extended social media team of experienced campaign planners, visual strategists and community managers. We simply optimise your online marketing with your offline campaigns.

Leads Generation

For every business today, it is important to have the latest business information available in the market. Having a business database is absolutely necessary.

Customised database marketing for your business needs
Start driving quality leads consistently at a affordable rate with us at XII database solutions!
Our Team

Our team of professionals spent countless hours compiling database to cater our clients’ requirements. Our call out team focuses and set campaigns to increase your sales leads.

Why Engage Us

With over 300,000 business listings and advertisement both online and offline; identifying the correct customer or supplier would be a hassle. Our database is here to help you and your business to reduce cost and time. Reduce time waste and increase sales from potential customers and suppliers. Time save = Increase opportunity and revenue.

How Can We Help You

We provide high quality leads that are carefully screened through by our professional staffs. We promise to deliver the best service at competitive prices.

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